Thursday, 31 March 2016

'Hand in Hand' English Translyrics

This was done back in August, but I never got around to posting it anywhere. I was planning to post it alongside a cover, but that never really happened.

I’m humming a song, a song from my heart
A song made for you, and for only for you
We shall go were ever we want
And blindly run

Hand in hand
These fair hands of yours true
I don’t remember if they’re real anymore
Hand in hand
They are locked together now
For then, for now,
To the future to come

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

"Blessings" English Translyrics

Note: This was orgianly a Japanese VOCALOID song, and can be founds here. It is very famous, and has many, many covers online that are all amazing. 

Blessings for you birthday
Blessings for you everyday

Come with me just to blazes though ‘till the very last second

With tags that seem to multiply even when torn off
And the unreansable pressure that is put apon you now
You shouldn’t judge a person by what their values are
So please don’t let those hurtful words flutter though your heart